After more than 18 years in this business, I deepened my techniques to adapt them to the needs of my various clientele. Today I propose to share this knowledge with you through training courses about the different essential subjects to become a wigmaker.


These courses are open to people wishing to retrain or improve themselves in the wigmaker’s trade, but also to professional hairstylists and make-up artists wishing to acquire more knowledge in the field.


Training 1: Ventilating and little repairs

Training 2: Moustaches and Sideburns

Training 3: Beards and Goatees

Training 4: Weaving and Hairpieces with wefts

Training 5: Lace wig foundation


To train you in the best conditions, these trainings are in private lessons or in groups of two. So the program can be adapted to your level and your goals.

You wish to receive more details about the programs and the prices.

Do not hesitate to contact me.

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