Wigs and hairpieces renting service.

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The stock is constantly changing in order to offer you as many choices as possible for the preparation of your shooting.

You will mainly find wigs with natural hair of various lengths, colors and frames. More and more small pieces (buns, braids, 1/2 heads, hair bangs…) are also available.

Facial hairpieces (moustaches, sideburns…) being more difficult to repair, the parts available are fewer and available for short periods only.


Rental Conditions:

— For each material output, you will receive a quote to return signed and joined with a deposit check calculated according to the parts chosen. This check will be return to you if the rentals are back in good condition. In the event of excessive damages, you will be billed for repair fees.

— The rental period is calculated on the duration of exit from the stock an not on the actual duration of use.

— The workshop does not take care of the logistics for deliveries and returns. It will be your responsibility to come collect and bring back the equipment on site.



*Indicated ex-VAT for a one week outing (minimum flat rate). This list is not exhaustive and may vary depending on the quality of the parts.

Wig – handmade Full Lace: from 120€ to 150€

Wig – handmade Wefts + Lace: from 90€ to 100€

Hairpiece – handmade Full Lace (1/2 head, toupee, bangs….): from 50€ to 90€

Hairpiece – handmade Wefts (1/2 heads, buns, braids…): from 25€ to 75€

Wig – industrial Wefts + Lace: from 65€ to 75€

Wig – industrial Wefts: from 50€ to 60€

Wig – industrial synthetic hair: 35€


Testing Price: You will be charged 50% of the price of a standard rental for taking equipment out for testing. If these tests leads to a custome made order, the price will be deducted.

Reservation Price: If you wish to have material set aside to ensure its availability and condition for your shooting, you will be charges 25% of a standard rental.


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