No beautiful creations without beautiful hair!!
I give you here a non-exhaustive overview of my treasures. Quality hair exceptionally found across the world to always have the best choice in stock and be able to answer all your requests. All the hair that I use for my productions are 100% humans …. no synthetic!


First range of color:
These hair are from various origins to have the most various choices. Their colors are natural from dark to medium brown, and dyed or bleached for the lightest. Conditioned by 100g strands and sorted by colors, this standard preparation gives all the basics needed to create beautiful blends.

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Caucasians hair:
From Europe and Russia those haire are the luxury range. Here no dye or conditioning. These rare and high standard strands are only cut and washed to keep the different shades that may contain a natural hair and makes of each creation a truly unique model.

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Grey Hair and Mohair:
White hair being one of the most difficult hair to find, I offer you bleached ones to make beautiful blends as well as natural grey hair.
Mohair of various colors is also available for the finishes of your lace wigs and hairpieces.

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If you want exceptional hair for your own creations please do not hesitate to contact me by email or via the contact page.